Consulting & Training Services


I  provide consultation services for individuals, institutions and organizations on a variety of topics. I can provide expert advice of the management of problematic behaviors by customers or clients and help you develop a behavioral management plan to minimize the impact of difficult people on your business. 

I am a trained Threat Assessment Specialist with advanced training in the recognition of and management of Violence Risk. I can assist your business in protecting itself from the threat of interpersonal violence and help you develop policies and procedures for managing this risk in the future.  I am a member of the Canadian Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (CATAP).


Workshops & Trainings


Dealing With Difficult People

2 hour introduction to effectively managing individuals that routinely create chaos and confusion in your organization. Requires Power Point set up. 10-200 people Helping you solve your people problems in White Rock

Managing Mental Health in the Workplace

2 hour introduction to the legal requirements for business with employees having mental health concerns in the workplace. How to navigate this complex process and support your employees to the best of your capabilities. Requires Power Point set up. 10-200 peoples

What are Personality Disorders?

2.5 hour introduction to the 10 different types of personality disorders and how each presents in the workplace. Recommended for health care professionals or others working with this population on a regular basis. 10-50 people

Sport Performance Anxiety

1.5 hour introduction to performance anxiety and the cognitive, emotional and behavioral symptoms associated with it. Strategies for management will be discussed at the end. Great for teams of 10-25 people

Self-Compassion Training

4 hour workshop introducing the concept of self-compassion and its relationship to emotional resiliency and self-confidence. Practical component and art component included. Best in groups of 10-15 people

Build Your Own Workshop

Call me and share your ideas for a unique training at your business or barn. Custom workshops can be created in 2 weeks depending on topic.