Glass Flowers Seattle WA

I provide individual counselling for a variety of issues and concerns including anxiety, mood issues, grief & loss, relationship issues, conflict with others, perfectionism and shyness . Modalities include EMDR therapy, CBT therapy, DBT and RO DBT therapy, Adlerian therapy, Art Therapy and more.


Glass Flowers Seattle WA

  Sometimes individual counselling isn't enough to help individuals make the changes in their lives that  they want to. It can help  to have some coaching from the side lines to assist you through those pivotal moments of change. I can provide telephone and email support for additional assistance between sessions. I also provide coaching to teams of all kinds for better interpersonal skills.


Glass Flowers Seattle WA

  I provide consulting services for  organizations or individuals that have issues involving harassment and/or stalking. I am a trained threat assessment assessor and have extensive experience creating behavioral management plans for employees/students/clients that are creating chaos in your organization.

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Please note that my practice has 2 dogs in the office.

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